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Birthday: Oct. 5

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Tap Lore

Uhhh hey!! Tis me. Tap. I am a self-taught artist and webmaster. I have been dancing for about 7 years with experience in ballet, lyrical, competitive dance, and my favorite, tap. That's oddly ironic, considering that's my nickname. Anyways, I live on music, it's my special interest!! I enjoy interpreting and analysing motifs. I love albums that challenge what levels of depth and emotion can be conveyed my mere sound. My favorite examples of this are The Caretaker's Everywhere at the End of Time, and Pink Floyd's The Wall.

I have hopes for my story project, Abstracities. I'd love to turn it into a playable RPG someday. I'm often lacking motivation to work on it, but I do care about it very much. Whatever I end up putting out there, or whatever I do in general, I just hope it's impactful. I'd like to be remembered as someone who revolutionizes...something one day.

Not really sure how I'm planning my future to look. All I know is that I'm likely to either go for a theater, web/graphic design, or music career.

Looking for my interests? View the list here.

Site Lore

Tap's Shenanigans first began production on Thanksgiving of 2021. I was inspired how people used the web to showcase their creativity. I especially enjoyed the webcomic, Ranfren (WHICH I VERY WELL NO LONGER SUPPORT BTW), which was one of my first main exposures to neocities. I believe early web and the culture behind it is so impactful, and making your own site from scratch allows for vast amounts of creative expression; a personalized web experience you can truly call home. That's why I prefer homemade sites over carrds and over corprate web hosts like Wix and Squarespace. Plus you can flex that you literally made the whole site from a blank canvas, with no help from tools the web host offers. The challenges that come from learning HTML are extremely satisfying to overcome. Learning how to code and looking back at where you started makes you realized how much you've grown as a webmaster. So join us!!!
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