If you’re paying with a draw to adopt or trade, the deadline to finish the request is one month. I understand that time constraints can be overwhelming however, so I’m willing to extend that and make sure that you’re staying safe and not overworking yourself :’). However, if I can’t cooperate with you, the adopt will just go back up for sale (Don’t worry, this will probably be very unlikely unless you’re a 11 year old who can’t listen smh). The adopt will remain mine until you finish paying me in order to prevent me from getting scammed.

Once you have adopted your newfound character, they are fully yours!!! Feel free to give them a name, make them/put them in a story, change the design, draw them countless times, literally anything!!! You have full rights to the character.

Feel free to re-sell your adopts! As long as you credit me for the og design.

I can revoke your ocs and/or ban you from adopting if you do the following:

Using your adopts to promote problematic content
Claim your adopt before you finished paying
Straight up steal my adopts and/or their designs :(

I don’t believe in taking away adopts, but the only exceptions are if you’re using my designs to promote nasty shit, not adopting fairly, etc. Just please have common sense while adopting.