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please look after him!

The OMORI Plush (also referred to as OMOR) is a fanmade plushie created by @KBS_OMO on Twitter. OMOR has grown to be an infamous part of the OMORI fandom, most known for a gif which contains the plush rapidly spinning, as well as its overall adorable, chibi-like proportions and nature.
OMOR was featured in an official OMORI Art Gallery, The Art of OMORI (8/5-11/22) and might have been showcased in another at PAX WEST (9/2-5/22).
An official OMORI plush is now available for purchase. Yet just because OMOR is a classic, that does not make it better than this licensed counterpart. Both plushies, OMORI and OMOR shall coexist mutually (OKOK DESPITE OMOR BEING LITERALLY MURDERED BY THE OFFICIAL PLUSH IN THE PROMO PIC ON TWITTER I STILL HAVE THIS MINDSET).
There's technically 2 of these plushies created by KBS_OMO! Of course there's the known and loved OMOR, but they've also made SUNNY as well!
Did you know this site's favicon is modeled after OMOR?

One thing is certain. At the end of the day, we can all say that OMOR is a true blessing to myself, alongside this entire community. It never fails to cheer me up. As a figure of immense comfort, OMOR has definitely earned a shrine on Tap's Shenanigans.