A man with a mission,
a boy with a gun! [/ly]

Capt. Spaceboy, aka.
  • Space Boyfriend
  • Space Ex-Boyfriend
  • Space Husband
  • Space Ex-Husband

  • has stood out to me ever since I first got into OMORI (August 2022) I slowly realized how much I relate to him. For example, toxic interactions I had with my ex left me quite damaged for some time, and still do now. Noticing how similar Spaceboy's experience was to mine, I felt comforted.

    There was one time where I was 12 or something, and I tried to convince myself to stop feeling emotions, but it only lasted for like 3 days (this was the worst phase of my life) (lets never do that again). Upon learning Space-Ex Husband's arc, I got immediate flashbacks to this point in life where I wished I could just shut down myself to avoid pain.

    Also, the personality split between him and his alter-ego help comfort my autism struggles. Space Ex-Boyfriend's mannerisms are a lot like mine when I'm masking. On the other hand, the genuinity of Capt. Spaceboy reflects how I am with people/enviornments I am safe with/in.

    Did you know he's canonically trans? His concept artist intended him to be, but never told OMOCAT. In my book, that's still canon! How cool is that!?!?! Knowing he has/had a similar experience with gender than me cheers me up even more.

    Long story short, he is just like me fr

    I also made him a playlist!
    Here it is tadaaaaaaaa

    Playlist Link


    I normally struggle to generate headcanons, but oddly enough, hcs for Spaceboy I can generate with no hesitation.

    Listens to DEVO and Cojum Dip.

    Unironically copes with things by watching Teen Titans Go!.

    Has those aestheticass galaxy freckles where stars and constelations are painted across his cheeks.

    Has a lovely singing voice, however he doesn't believe it.

    If Sunny gets the good ending, Spaceboy will finally find stable peace and love.

    Ex-Boyfriend's eyepatch is extremely comforting to him, as it gives him a sense of determination. Spaceboy is embarrased by it however, and doesn't like wearing it.

    The situation/relationship between Spaceboy and Ex-Husband is similar to DID, but not exact. Conditions such as this work a bit more abstract in headspace.

    Although a master in astronomy, does not believe in astrology. Sweetheart is the complete opposite. She often judges people based off zodiac signs, and this would anger SB immensely, since he knows none of it is true. This is one of his least favorite qualities of Sweetheart.

    Would be happiest dating one of the Sweetheart clones, if not all.

    Really wants to learn piano, but is too impatient.

    Rococo absolutely carried SB through the breakup. The ultimate therapist friend.

    Loves snocones, but always eats too fast and gets brainfreezes.

    Voice claim would probaby be Bora from Cojum Dip, the vocal guy from OK Glass, or MAYBE how Joe Hawley sounds specifically in Hawaii Part II.